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Designed for the tech savvy, digital consumer, the Mobibooth Aura is perfect for brand activations and experiential events, but how do you showcase and sell it to the client?

With exceptional professional content, of course!

PRO Content

Mirrorboothclub.com is overflowing with pro content to market your MobiBooth Aura and sell the event experience to clients.

Whether you’re looking to target weddings, parties & special occasion, large corporate events, or take your business to the next level with permanent installs we have all the content you need!

For just $99 per month,

paid monthly for six months, you will receive


A choice of 20 professional images each month


A choice of 1 video per month



A choice of 5 photo overlays



A choice of 5 animations


Can you afford not to invest $99 a month into marketing your Mobibooth Aura?

That’s a whole lot of marketing content for just $594, and we break the payments into a monthly fee to make it even more affordable!

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